Dear BILIN Customer,

If you need detailed answers to your detailed questions concerning our HUMANIST HR application or need direct customer support, please click the Customer Support link on the left of this page and at the header of our site's home page, and see our more detailed "Frequently Asked Questions" page, or enter a ticket into our online customer call management application.

What services do you provide ?

BİLİN Software & IT Consulting Ltd. has a laser focus on Human Capital Management since her establishment in 1990 and provides software development and implementation consulting services. BILIN's HUMANIST Human Capital Management Application Suite is comprised of organically integrated detailed web based applications covering almost all aspects of Human Resources Management processes. Starting from identifying and attracting the right talent to the company, continuing through core data management, timekeeping, payroll, learning and development and performance management, covers every detailed process until termination and even goes further to alumni relations.

What is BILIN's leading edge compared to international and/or domestic competitors

The most important distinguishing factor is the fact that BILIN's products and services are focused on developing and implementing technology solutions in the area of Human Capital Management since 1990. We don't know of any other international or domestic competitor in Turkey that is dedicated only to the Human Capital Management area this long and still serving and satisfying her large enterprise customers with the same product on the same integrated database and keep on developing her products and services over this period. All of our competitors have either changed their products, or merged with others, or changed their focus by working on different expertise areas, so they did not / could not present a dedicated and sustainable approach to developing the HR related products they started with. This persistent focus and sustainability gives BILIN and HUMANIST the opportunity to reflect the outcomes of this experience onto the customers.

Will your application HUMANIST work in all popular web browsers ?

Our HUMANIST application suite support IE, Chrome, Safari and other Mozilla compatible internet browser versions that support CSS3 and HTML5 standards.

What will happen to our historical data if we start using HUMANIST Human Resources Management Applications ?

BILIN implementation consultants have always been successful in migrating all of the old data into HUMANIST database until today. Furthermore, our consultants are very keen at finding other data that you keep in Excel files outside your previous application databases, and migrating them into HUMANIST, forming a single reference point for all your HR data. This is a part of our after sales services which comes with the implementation project.

What aftersales support do you offer ?

Our implementation consultants will be assisting you in the implementation of the software in your company with the signing of the sales contract. They fisrt listen to your problems, your dreams, and what you have in hand. Then they configure and customize HUMANIST complying to your business rules and HR policies, migrates your existing data, trains your HR professionals on how to best utilise HUMANIST, and (depending on how healthy your past data is) creates a system where you think you have been using HUMANIST since the first day of establishment. Our help desk and customer support teams take over after this point. Whenever you encounter a change, need a new HR process, or need to adapt to local legislative changes, they will be ready to assist you making you feel that BILIN is your new and never failing HR solutions partner.


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