Our major obligation is not to mistake slogans for solutions.

Edward R. Murrow


First Time in Turkey

A group of companies with 10,000 FTE has been able to collect all her payroll and Human Resources data in a single organically integrated database.


application suit enabled the group to deploy standard HCM policies and procedures all through the group companies with web applications easily.


Training Academy portal received 98.8% satisfaction score in a questionnaire carried by one bank among 5,000 of her employees.

The bank has grown

and changed shareholders twice and the portal is still being utilised successfully.

First Time in Turkey

7 different banks using 7 different HR systems merged and HUMANIST has been selected the single common application of the merger unanimously.

In a Short Time

All the historical data from 7 different applications have been migrated fully into the HUMANIST database.

In Public Sector

A bank with over 20,000 employess and around 1000 branches, started collecting timekeeping data and accruals through HUMANIST's web based applications.


has become the first public sector bank in Turkey preparing payroll centrally within hours and distributing summaries and payroll slips with almost no operational cost compared to alternatives.

Since 1992

HUMANIST has always become the ultimate preference after comparisons with alternatives...


in all of the merger cases where BILIN and HUMANIST was one of the alternatives.


enabled many large enterprises having over 10,000 FTEs to implement web based self service processes such as leaves and absence followup and performance appraisals...


they always worked with updated, sychronised data always taking final correct organisational data into account without any effort for integration from core HR systems.

Every Time

in every implementation, all of the past HR data, even if they were in different databases...

Nothing Was Left Out

and they were successfully migrated into HUMANIST database.

In Every Project

Together with the data found in previous databases, data found in other media such as Excel and Access have been organized and transferred into HUMANIST database...


has become a single reference point for HCM data in organizations.



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