What Our Customers Said About Us

  • "We started this journey together. We spent long days during the first implementation of HUMANIST in our company. Many days have passed by. Now when I look at what you have achieved, all I can say is: 'We have become history, but you have created a history.'"

    Bahar Kayserilioglu -- Management Consultant
  • "When I was assigned, HUMANIST was already in use in the Bank. I  asked my colleagues about it, if they would like to switch to another software, or not. They said everything is allright and they donot need any other software. We kept on and are still working with Bilin happily. What I admire the moset is that, HUMANIST was implemented 3 management generations before me. While everything is changing in Turkey, this software has been the primary preference through all three managements. Congratulations to you all."

    Ahmet Turkselci -- VP, Human Resources
  • "Thank you for your approach. It is a privilige for us to have visionary managers like you."

    Zuhal Uluturk -- VP, Human Resources
  • “I had been dreaming about a sofware that could do all I wanted in the way that I wanted. After HUMANIST, I don't need to dream anymore”

    Kenan Dulger  -- Senior Payroll Operations Expert



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