The best answer to the question


lies on the level of customer satisfaction and the experience accrued over best practices created with the higher class HR managers of Turkey's large enterprises since 1990. The details supporting this answer are listed below.

Cost Reduction

  • Avoid unexpected legal panenalties with timely reporting and legal compliance on operations
  • Get rid of additional costs for internal software developers, maintenance experts, analysts and consultants
  • Get rid of extra manpower and time costs for legislation followup and software updates
  • Spread your investment over time
  • Decrease the cost of wrong hire
  • Decrease the cost of payroll preparation with the automation of regular periodic payroll operations
  • Decrease your turnover by implementing consistent HR policies supported with consistent implementations
  • Eliminate the cost of data integration and synchronisation by using an end-to-end application built over a single organically integrated database

Increase in Management Effectiveness

  • Plan and coordinate your HR policies effectively from a single point of control
  • Increase your effectiveness by ready to use detailed management reports and ability to customize these reports or create additional queries for what-if analyses
  • Automate your auditing and alert systems based on your own KPIs and control points
  • Align individual objectives with corporate strategy and keep them updated

Increase in Efficiency

  • Gain time and accuracy by avoiding duplicate data entry
  • Control HR and related process management acitivities from a single source
  • Automate batch transaction and reporting systems and minimize the need for human interaction for scheduled operations
  • Minimize workload on HR staff for data entry with self-service systems allowing employees enter and update their own data and transactions

Steep Learning Curve, Easier Use, Faster Implementation

  • Learn the basics, and you are ready to go with standard user interfaces all around the HR functionality
  • Find answers in detailed user documentation
  • Add your own notes with custom help notes on pages

Custom Modelling

  • Implement the same interface for your custom solutions and integrate them with the package smoothly
  • Use the same development library for quicker and robust custom solutions
  • Get the basic module, and proceed with whatever module you deem important in the order you want with the pace you like
  • Avoid unnecessary customisation by utilising rich configurability options
  • Benefit from the unique architecture to allow variations for multi-company implementations

Flexible, Reliable Security

  • Benefit from consistent, detailed and accurate security covering all functions of HR with the same infrastructure
  • Implement menu security, horizontal data security and vertical data security at the same time
  • Simplify security role definitons by relating users with more than one security roles and distinguishing between employee security and responsible security
  • Decrease the need for a large security coordination office by automating security definitons based on organisational definitions

Central Historical Data Management

  • Benefit from historical data management in definitons and transactions
  • Create a reliable organisational memory
  • Speed up your access to data and related documentation

Global Perspective, Local Solutions

  • Stop worrying about local legal compliance
  • Stop worrying about easy and timely adaptation to frequent legislative changes
  • Benefit from custom solutions bearing local legislative constraints in mind
  • Benefit from the seamlessly integrated Balanced Scorecard implementation
  • Utilize compliance with many global personality tests
  • Benefit from compliance with the structure of compensation systems such as Hay and Mercer
  • Readily comply with global role based competency management systems
  • Benefit from ready Turkish and English support
  • Use five different languages at the same time for data and definitions on a single database
  • Benefit from user defined tables and fields
  • Make use of custom RDL reports, Excel reports and free format queries



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