Keeping in mind that every implementation is a reference for the next; and the real project begins with the payment of the license fee and software installation, every Bilin consultant:

  • Aims customer focus on every stage of his / her work.
  • Makes necessary objections and warnings where deemed necessary for better results, even if that objection / warning may result in less earnings for Bilin. This approach has always proven to be more profitable in the long run

...and follows the principles listed below for a more efficient and effective utilisation of resources which will end up in assurance of better quality and lower cost:

  • Tries to be as prompt as possible
  • Focuses on one work assigned at one time
  • Prepares and completes the required work before the meetings
  • Is always ready for probable questions on the agenda
  • Tries to be as prompt, clear, and short as possible on phone conversations
  • Listens, and asks until everything is clear. Asks for written confirmation of what (s)he has understood
  • Communicates in written format as much as possible, distinguishing between red tape and requirement of mutual written understanding
  • Notifies client authorities if there is a possibility of cost cutting where somethings can be equally accomplished with internal resources. Tries to optimize for the highest quality and the lowest cost possible.
  • Knows the details of the software and tries to meet cumtomer specific needs with minimum software customization, helping the project to be completed in a safer and more sustainable manner.
  • Tries to coordinate user requests related with HR processes and ensures that the relationships between processes are taken into account by the HR management.



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